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Aug. 6th, 2007 06:30 pm
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...thats right...I was supposed to chat about the reunion events from the week before...
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After a day long slog through rainy New York State we finally arrived up at Ann's sister's place in the North Country. The weather added a little time to the trip, but I guess any time one arrives safely after a day and half on the interstates these days, it's a good trip.

We scouted out the local roads yesterday and I finally got out for a decent skate--just at impulse power, but felt great to get out. WF-1 may not happen until later on this week...if at all. ~_~;;

This trip will be a trip of reunions. Last night was Ann's 30th high school reunion dinner! Her graduating class was 150+ I think (larger than mine) and about 30+ made it to last night's event. Of course being "partner" I didn't know anyone there but that was alright. It was a pretty nice group and we had a good time.

Later on will be my family reunion in NH.
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May it ever be so humble )
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Well, 'have had a mid-course change in plans, so soon I'll be back on the road taking my two cats, Priscilla and Cumulus (seen in the current icon) back to my house (2 & 1/2 hour drive), hang loose for 2 days before turning around and driving back up to DC to fly out to Arizona for a few days.

All that on top of tweaking a lower back muscle in the process of hefting my over-stuffed luggage on to a bed for re-packing. < deeep sigh >


Oct. 28th, 2005 01:31 pm
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< event > lunch < /event >
< location > Wilsonville < /location >
< cusine > Japanese < /cusine >
< fellow diners > [livejournal.com profile] lovelyangelpdx, [livejournal.com profile] sarge_5150 < /fellow diners >
< comment > A great time and very enjoyable conversation < /comment >

For everything else there's MasterCard (TM). ^_^

Thanks guys!


Oct. 25th, 2005 09:29 am
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For some reason the interstate roads in Washington (state) just seem...*noisier* than the ones that I typically drive back East.

The Sebring I'm driving for a rental for this trip whistles and buzzes a lot for no discernible reason. I'm not sure I'd buy one of these.

I think I'll try to get out running this morning after all this eating and no exercise--a mode I too often fall in to while traveling. < sigh >

Ah, what to do and see in Portland this trip? I guess the Saturday Market would be nice to get back to except I'll be back on the road Saturday. < double sigh >

So much anime, so little time. < triple latte deep sigh >
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It seems it was just about 10 hours start to finish, so that's actually not too bad a trip. And with 3 drivers, time behind the wheel was fairly evenly split. I have another 3 hour drive tomorrow morning to finish my part of the trip, having a little bit more to go personally, but it's time to relax for the evening.

It's nice to have made it this far safely.
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Let's see how 10 or so hours on the road works out today. We *hope* to get all the way back to Virginny by dinner time tonight since all 3 of us have to get to *work* tomorrow morning! It's been a very short but rather nice weekend up north.

One of the only downsides was when I was showing Bill options on his really nice digital Canon camera (one of those full sized, 35mm-camera like critters) that he hadn't figured out yet--one of them was how to reformat the flash card in the camera!! < oooooooops >
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Well, it's still south of *one* of our borders. The trip up to northern New York (state) was nicely uneventful, though the torrential downpours that we had to drive through to get here were a bit harrowing. Fortunately they didn't last but so long, but the storms the roll across the St. Lawrence valley can get pretty strong it seems.

Today is cool certainly by Virginia standards, so time to drag out the long sleeves. I know, I know, when I going to school up here a millennia ago it was considered still to be t-shirt weather. What a few years down south does to one. < sigh > While Ann toils away in board meetings all day, Bill and I will be out touring around the countryside. < double deep sigh >


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