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May. 9th, 2009 04:57 pm
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Well...just finished the Cap2Cap was a nice ride...though it was in the mid- to high-80's, muggy, and 15mph winds from seemed from all over. So it was hydrate-hydrate-hydrate. Did I mention I had to drink a lot?

'now to soak...


Dec. 4th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Work on the '70's department store bike progresses well. The bearings and races in the fork have been replaced as have the bearings in the bottom bracket. Next will be deciding on the restoration of the brakes and fenders where the decision is exactly what to fix and what the replace. The rust and pitting is very heavy on all the iron/chrome parts so path 1 would be complete replacement with new parts ( conditional on finding something that actually fits ) or path 2 taking out as much rust as is reasonable and coating with a rust sealer.

Though to the chemists out there, it really isn't a sealant as much as a bonding agent with the iron oxide. The package says it will turn the coated part black. Since the parts I am considering coating were previously *chrome* plated, that's a bit of a color shift.

Along a tangential line of thought, I'm slowly getting through Kashimashi...anime DVD 2 currently. It's certainly fanciful and tries to deal with some curious trans-like social interactions, but I still can't say it rises to the level of story of say...KareKano or Haruhi. any old bikes out there that need work??? ^_^

what a

Oct. 5th, 2008 07:07 pm
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beautiful day!!! breeze off the sky...puffy Qs...UNbelievable...for a 3 hour ride.

So the verdict is the first rebuild gets 4 paws up! New rims, new cassette (after the 3rd trip to the bike shop to get the 2mm spacer missing from the wheelset), new brake cable...err...well...the rear brake does need some adjustment. There's just a LITTle too much range in the needs to get tightened up a...smidge.
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Let's see how this week's grand experiment works...the old Trek frame has been torn down completely and I'm waiting for a new crankset to show up...from Portland no less...and it had better fit the current bottom bracket! Also, the Fuji frame has new rims (Mavics) and a new cassette (SRAM 9 speed)...along with new brake cables.

I wonder if I actually got everything put back together again...without any "spare parts" left on the floor afterwards! I guess as long as it's rocket science I might have a chance.


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