Dec. 20th, 2008

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Similar to the Left Coast I suppose, parts of the East Coast have been hit with winter storms. We had reservations in central PA last night and with the weather forecast being "just" snow until 4pm changing to "wintery mix" later on, we thought we had a chance if we left "early enough."

Well...I'm not sure what "early enough" really would have been, but I'm *still* not sure how we *did* make it through the mountain passes driving in freezing rain, mostly slushy roads, here plowed, there un-plowed, as well as the dodging jack-knifed tractor-trailers on highway ramps. We did find one truck driver who seemed to have a very nice feel for the where-to-drive-when-and-how-fast for the conditions, so we followed this WalMart trailer for about 3 hours.

Three or four times I was certain our trip was going to finish prematurely--but we got the hotel mid-afternoon and watched more of the storm go by from the restaurant window in to the evening.

Six more hours (on a good day) of driving left. I hope the roads have cleared off!

Ann says: Yeah, it was pretty bad, even though it only added an extra hour onto the trip. Somehow today, when the roads were good, we added an extra 1.5 hours onto the trip though. Oh yeah, it was having to stop every 5 miles to clean the windshield!!! That will do it to yah. I guess we're both not hot on winter driving right at the moment. However, the house, christmas decorations, chocolate with brandy, good food and family -- they're almost convincing us it was worth it. Give us a couple of days...
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5F outside...70F 'Wood stoves are like that I guess...


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