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Ann and I made our 3rd annual trek at Thanksgiving to a B&B in northwestern Virginia that we have gotten to quite enjoy really. The innkeepers are a great couple that we now pretty much consider friends more than proprietors and likely due to the area's proximity to DC has a rather nice selection of restaurants in the area as well.

Converging from two directions--Ann from the north, myself from the south, we hoped to meet at the B&B around 3pm. With a 4pm dinner reservation and roughly a half hour drive, we expected to have a leisurely change of apparel before heading out (I decided not to try for buckles on the hat this time.) ~_^

Some may recall from previous entries my photo project of documenting old railroad stations that Ann and I embarked on back in the 80s. The 'back roads' route took me by many of those small towns and I rather much enjoyed reminiscing...the down side was that it took almost 5 1/2 hours--a *little* bit longer than I had allowed time for. sigh...

We still made it to dinner in time! We were the last seating for Thanksgiving dinner and pretty much had the place to ourselves. We seldom lack things to talk about, though silence is just as acceptable when silence is needed. So as many do this time of year, we remembered how fortunate we have been. We still have our families, our friends, our health, our homes...and each other.
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