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The Squiggy Inline skate race is this weekend! So I'm in Florida for a few days. The train ride down was relaxing as usual, 'cept for the battery in my 15-inch Power Book flat lined on me. Now it won't even boot! ~_~;;
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5F outside...70F inside...wow... 'Wood stoves are like that I guess...
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The trip down to Atlanta, Tallahassee and back to Virginia was un-eventful nicely enough...as far as the driving was concerned. I guess about 1000 miles down, 800 miles back over the last few days, so yesterday was tiring!

But having a chance to visit with my home-stay family from my last trip to Japan as they visited family here in the States was a unique event and quite enjoyable.

So...on to northern climates for the holidays...err...except for the snow and ice predicted to be right where we are planning to stay Friday. sigh...
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I'm tired...
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Let's see if headin' back is any better than the trip gettin' out here. MN that is. HOPefully I'll get to talk about the race more in a little bit.
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Well...the race is over...everyone is packed up and ready to head back home--though since my train doesn't leave until tomorrow afternoon, I have another day to hang around.

Today started out a *little* cool, but as soon as the sun came up the mid-40's quickly crept in to the 50's and by race start was in the mid to high 50's. The sky was *clear* blue (unfortunately I didn't put on enough sunscreen in the *right* places. ~_~;; ) and the winds were calm though it picked up a bit later in the race.

Nothing like the 25-gusting-to-35 stuff yesterday's time trial skaters saw, but enough to knock you back right when the fatigue was beginning to creep in.

I think this was my personal best time for a 1/2 marathon--51m57s. MAYbe if I had kept that pace line up a little bit longer I *might* have been able to break the 50 min. mark but...ahwell...it seemed good enough to come in 9th overall (pretty small field here though), 3rd overall female.
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It's been a fun weekend in Boston. It was cool and snowing leaving the Harvard Square T stop with the streets full of people and noise. Unfortunately Anne has been battling a cold for a few days now and really couldn't get out but so much to enjoy holiday...cheer.

Friday night we got out to an Ethiopian place on Mass. Ave where the food was quite tasty. It had been a long time since I had eaten *that* way!

Saturday I got out to meet some friends of mine there, Cameron and Kateari, for a brunch at B.goods in Cambridge. I tried the southwestern veggie burger! phew...something was a little on the spicy side on that one.

Anne rousts later on enough for us to get out for dinner at a local Vietnamese place. I feel guilty about dragging her out at all when she needs to be finishing her recovery!!

The evening is finished of with a rather intense 2 1/2 hour game of Go. We get out the big board a little after 8pm and it's almost 11 by the time we look back up!

This is the board near the end. I played black and seemed to have the southeast and eastern territories fairly set but right after this I made 2 big mistakes...so even though there appears to be some major territory up for grabs I wasn't going to be able to recover...so I ended up resigning. siiigh...

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Well...train actually this time...for a weekend visit with a friend of mine, Anne. It's been over a year since I've been up that way so I'm looking forward to catching back up...probably between games of Go. And she has a nice board on legs to play on at that! *^_^*

When the destination climate is considerably different from the departure climate, packing can be a challenge. But for this winter trip, it's about as chilly in VA as it is in MA...minus the snow!

I miss not getting out on the *inline* skates or the bike when the weather is this cool. Not that I don't also like a decent change in the seasons. I just have to eat less now! ~_^
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oops...what happened to yesterday's entry? ahwell...I have been remiss...let's try to catch up.

The day started off with quite a bit of brisk walking around the University of Washington campus trying to find the main book store. It took a while but we finally stumbled across the *correct* party of University Blvd. where not only the bookstore was but too many other tempting shops. One of them being a rather nice Japanese goods store where I bravely resisted buying a small travel Go set. ^_^ Shortly after that it was great to have Nancy join up with us for a tasty lunch at a small Japanese lunch spot just a small interval up the blvd.

Two hours of walking around the Capitol District only partially worked off lunch, since one stop involved coffee and sweets...sigh...

And also amazing along the line of attempting to keep from shopping-too-much was walking away from a really fun black lace and tailed goth coat at Panache. sigh...soooo close...and not for the lack of effort the salesperson put in trying to help make up my mind...he was fun.

ANYway, a quick trip down to the International District allowed me to get my Kinokuniya fix where I found Haruhi #5, a xxxHolic synopsis book and Tsubasa #20 (one of the many cross-overs between xxxHolic and Tsubasa).

Finally the day was finished off with a quite good jazz show by Tony DeSare at the Jazz Alley.

A nice time...
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Cliffs Notes version--'good flights...on time...nice weather...no lost luggage and ready to head out for a Halloween party downtown!! ^_^
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The short story - placed first in my category (F, 50-54 yo), 16th for gender, and 48th over-all out of 340 total skaters in the 1/2 marathon skate finishing in 54 min 51 sec. < phew >

The Long Story )
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'gotta get to the sports center shuttle buse stand between 4:30 and 5am this morning!?!?! Talk about hardcore. ~_^

Anyway...off to the races!
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Otherwise known as "spend $$$".

Registration was rather painless this morning. I had a bit of naivete about the Disney Sports Complex and discovered that there were at least another dozen or so events occurring all around the area, and so despite getting there early as far as the *skate* even went, the rather large parking lot was filling up quickly. But hey, that shouldn't be an issue. We're here for exercise! Right?

Well, ANYway, along with the registration and the skate course overview program several skate equipment and accessory vendors were at hand. Ann may not agree with that being a *good* thing since, upon stopping at what happened to be the first booth in the room, I ended up buying...sigh...these.


And they fit...ah...quite nicely, sadly better than any previous speed skate I had purchased to date. I've had trouble finding good skates that really fit *correctly* mostly due to the dearth of *real* (as opposed to the virtual) storefronts that stock high end skates. ~_~

There is some new term to describe the now almost archaic physical store, but the buffer was flushed a few weeks ago, so the recall bit is not set. I personally like physical store fronts, but I'll also admit that many things these days just can't be found any where but on the net. < deeper sigh >
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It's not for everyone )
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*blogs* not Bloom! ANYway, the bags are packed. The trip begins to Disney to participate in my first in-line skate marathon. Well...1/2 marathon actually for me. I got lazy. ~_~;;

So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the train ride down. Eh? I didn't mention I decided to take the train down? Yeah, it just seems much more...civilized these days. And besides, the lazy thing here again, I was reluctant to check the skates as baggage. Particularly since I wasn't sure if I was going to use the faster, but less agile 4 x 100mm skates or the *slightly* slower, but much more adroit 4 x 80mm rec. skates. At least that's how the work for me mostly due to *my* lack of abilities. < deep sigh >



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