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For this session at least.

The final day of skates took us over to Wills Ridge for some more mild countryside skating--not that there weren't some rather *long* downhills (rather than steep) to roll down. But since it was an "out-and-back" course, that long *downhill* was a long *uphill* as well. Sigh...

Of course skating isn't ALL that's done here. The afternoon had us hiking up to almost 4000 feet to the Summit of Buffalo Mountain. The haze had not totally returned which allowed an awesome view of miles of hills. The Buffalo's growing afternoon shadow covered half of the valley below as puffy Cumulus clouds drifted by. It was idyllic.

I can see how some people can really fall in love with this area.

Well...that's a wrap for this season I suppose. Hopefully some of the snapshots I took with my leetle digital camera came out. I'll try to post a few.

I have to get on the road here in a few minutes to head back home. Another group of SkateFarmers will be rolling in 3 days from now. And the beat goes on.
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Hills. More Hills. A few more after that.

Yup. Yesterday was spent on the roller coaster hills just outside of town. I think I chatted a bit about them last time so I *could* just supply some links, but we are prepping for today's skate at the moment. I think we're going to do Black Ridge Road today--1000 foot climb over about 7 miles. I'm still not sure if I'm going to skate it or bike it this time. sigh...

These days I typically don't have to worry *that* much about how much I'm eating. One needs all the energy one can get.

Ann made it down from DC yesterday and still thinks I'm crazy to be skating these here hills. [She PROMISED no more 40mph+ runs just for the thrill, but no... -abc]

Oh yeah...new speed records...41.6 solo, 44.1 tandem...phew...
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There must be something about how quickly we forget the pain and remember the good stuff, since I decided to return to the hills of western Virginia for another SkateFarm...in the same year...almost in the same season!

One would think after last time--3 days of torturous hill climbs one would know better. Sigh. All that seems to have been placed in the data banks are memories of blues skies, beautiful rolling green hills and rather much a nice time...with friends no less! Imagine that!

So here we are starting once again a weekend of skating the hills. Though...currently we are camped out *inside* due to Mr. Thunder&Lightning paying a visit. Gee...what happened to those blue skies?!?! Ahwell...maybe tomorrow.
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It was a dark and stormy night...and it did end up raining most all of day. Ahwell...'ya gotta know how to skate in the rain anyway I guess.

It actually started out with dry roads as we picked up our timing chips and did some warm up skating short of the starting line. We had to wait for the Pro-mens categories get on by the starting area (the course is roughly 2 laps to get the 26.2 miles) before they would release the Advanced Women's and Open skate waves.

Rather quickly the road got more and more wet with the light misting turning in to a steady rain. I was surprised at how well the wheels I chose to put on that morning actually did keep traction. A few intersections along the way presented specials hazards that took a few skates down. One hazard that almost took me down part way through was a gap in some cement sections where the rubber seal was either pressed in or gone. The fact that the gap was almost exactly the width of a skate wheel made it all the more strange.

Pace lines came and went and they were of considerable help, but the final 6 or so mile push to the finish pretty much ended up being a solo skate. The 10 mph easterly headwind didn't help at all with me trying to build up energy for the final push up the hills that protected the final timing gateway.

I think I was kinda tired finally getting across that line. Ann thinks so as well. ^_^

So...a few of my hopes for the race were met. First: I did manage to finish. Second: I managed to skate it in less than 2 hours...and even nicer in about 1hr 49 min. Despite having to wade through puddles and get totally soaked skates and chilled body (once I stopped), it was actually a pretty good skate. The pace felt good, the style felt decent and everyone generally encouraged everyone else.
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It's been raining for the last 20 hours or so...so...it may be a bit of a wet track out there. We're kind-of-somewhat prepared to head to downtown St. Paul to pick up our timing chips and get ready for a 7:54am start for our wave. The Pros have a 6:45+/- start and depending on how fast (or slow) their first lap is will determine when they actually let us out of the gate.

I think at Disney we had to wait an additional 15 or 20 minutes to let the lead pack get by the rest of us that don't skate *quite* as fast. < sigh >

If the roads have dried to *any* degree the skate will be a lot more pleasant I think. Last night when we drove the course, there were quite a few inch-deep puddles all along the loop we are expected to skate.
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Off to St. Paul! See if the roads stay dry...
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Lets see...if these numbers work out, when skating around 40mph with 100mm wheels that translates to around 3400rpm. When Eddy was skating almost 50 mph, that was getting close to 4250rpm. Hmmm...not too shabby...no wonder you could hear those skates from a distance away. ^_^
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< stiff-sore > Yesterday was quite grueling for hills...again...both up and down. We'll get to the "down" in a second.

The weather reports were all over the place, cloudy AM, rain PM...rain AM, cloudy PM.

So we started with a 1 hour walk on one of the shorter trails on the Skyline Drive. It served as a nice break between the long skating sessions. Though the sneakers and socks got *totally* soaked during the walk as the whole ridge was enveloped in a thick fog and the dew was so heavy the forest "rained" the whole time and the fields were practically under water.

Nicely, the roads were dry once we came back down off the ridge and parked for a 5 mile skate, mostly **uphill**, in to town for lunch. The mostly *uphill* turned in to mostly *downhill* as we headed back to the van. There aren't many hills where I normally practice so having a 2 mile long hill to skate down doesn't happen very often. The GPS read the max speed around 23 mph on one section...about 30 mph on another. phew...

But...we didn't end up stopping there. Eddy wanted to skate past the van and climb up 2 more hills to try to skate the...Killer Hill. He was curious to see what his top speed would be shooting straight down. After 2 attempts he hit something around 48 mph. Umm...that's a LOT faster than I care to go.

But it doesn't end there. To get *up* to the Killer Hill, we had to actually skate *up* that high ourselves. ~_~;; At least traveling along the back side of the ridge wasn't *quite* as steep as the Killer itself, but it was still pretty steep along one section. I think I got to almost 38mph down the "Semi-Killer Hill" on that leg. I'm not sure that's something I *really* want to repeat any time soon.

Nicely Ann came down from DC for 2 days so the evening finished with some rest and relaxation. [Ann says, "nicely" Jan was still alive to greet her!]
< / stiff-sore >
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Rain...more rain...and a lot of rain...

That made for a pretty tricky session this morning on the "flatter" hills in the county here. And flat is *very* relative. Kind of like *a* hill in a town to the west of Portland, OR that I'm familiar with...except longer...up...and down...and rougher...and *very* wet. What a killer session. But it was good.

13 miles and 2 hours of hill training later we get back to the skatefarm and spend the next 3 hours drying the skates out, ourselves out and getting some energy back.

Technique was the emphasis of the afternoon session. A nicely paved section of road in an industrial park served as the training grounds for over 2 hours of work on balance, pacing and skate movement. I did manage to work back out of my pronation problem...kind of...for the most part. I know I can do it. It's going to be a matter of re-training the body to get rid of it.
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Ah it was interesting driving across the lower section of the state today. Some odd 20 years ago when Ann and I where out photographing old railroad stations we ended up in all kinds of different places--towns large and small, some forgotten and passed by, some new centers of commerce...so many familiar names.

This evening is the start of a 5 day skate (in-line) camp that I decided to enroll in. I am in sad need of some coaching. I'm frustrated by some training walls I've hit and hope to get pointed in the right direction to improve my technique and endurance.

So...tonight is general orientation and tomorrow starts with some skates out on the hills of western VA.
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I know, I know. The usual reply to my training skates when its windy out is along the lines "That's good training isn't it?" Well...yeah...I guess.

More on Skate DC weekend marathon )


Apr. 13th, 2007 04:43 pm
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I did it again. As if I wasn't it to enough physical punishment, but I just registered for the St. Paul In-line Marathon in August. sigh...

But it will be a nice excuse to finally visit with one of my sisters, [livejournal.com profile] aranduin, along with her other half [livejournal.com profile] andyt that just moved *back* to the St. Paul area!

The weather has been soooo back and forth this spring it's been difficult getting out for a full 10 laps (soon to work up to 20 I expect), but the numerous short skates actually have been good for slowly breaking in the new skates.

And my new frames arrived in the mail this afternoon (have to give up a few anime box sets now. ~_~), so the evening has gone by working on the wheels and changing out the frames.
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It was more than a bit difficult getting out of bed this morning. For those interested proceed )
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Gee it's getting tough to skate these days. The pollen is so thick it's hard to breath without an inch of it coating the back of the throat. < sigh >


Sep. 12th, 2005 07:17 pm
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< wow >Upon returning from the trek up north, I was greeted by a particularly fun package on the kitchen table. From skates.com, eight Hyper Hyperformance+Grip Micro 2002 - 80mm x 83a wheels for my skates. A few minutes later out on the streets it was just amazing. This is my third set of wheels ( the other two sets having been worn down to hubs)--I hadn't realized quite how much resistance there was with the older wheels. The speed and grip of the Hyper's was just astounding. Four minutes got shaved off a 20 minute circuit I skate around the neighborhood next to mine. Maybe this is good news and bad news. Certainly the previous wheels and bearings have me a good workout, but the new set were a joy to skate on. < /wow >


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