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The Squiggy Inline skate race is this weekend! So I'm in Florida for a few days. The train ride down was relaxing as usual, 'cept for the battery in my 15-inch Power Book flat lined on me. Now it won't even boot! ~_~;;
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lap 8 9:38 2:12pm
lap 11 9:31 2:45pm
lap 26 10:02 5:15pm
lap 29 10:05 5:48pm
lap 44 9:50 8:23pm
lap 47 10:10 8:56pm
lap 62 9:35 11:29pm
lap 65 9:22 12:01am
lap 80 9:59 2:31am
lap 83 9:59 3:04am
lap 98 9:58 5:39am
lap 101 9:58 6:12am
lap 116 10:03 8:46am
lap 119 10:08 9:17am
lap 134 10:11 11:49am
lap 137 10:06 12:20pm

hmm....interestingly consistent for 16 laps, though it was getting tough there at the end of the race...and my best time ( 9 min 22 seconds ) was at midnight!!! strange...
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I'm tired...
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to start loading up the car to get to the race--while Hanna pummels the house back home. sigh... ~_~;;
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...until Montreal!

dern stones

Feb. 5th, 2008 06:48 pm
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Well...at least the road rash is on the left side this time rather than the right...and things are a LITTle bit more superficial than last month this time...but it would be nice if all those pebbles didn't get kicked out in to the road.

Ahwell...T-4 weeks and counting until the Squiggy Inline Classic...
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I've had two chances now to try a new training aid, a Garmin Forerunner 205, while skating.

It was interesting to discover, from seeing the GPS tracking information in the watch, that my usual 4 laps around the Haines Point Loop was only 12.6 miles, not 13.1. sigh... and that for yesterday's skate, the wind that morning slowed me down more than a bit on part of the loop. The distance/time and pace traces from the accompanying training program (available both for the PC and Mac < yay > ) will let me know how I might need to modify my workouts as well.

Today's skate was much more even paced as I did not have to fight the usual stiff breeze from the west! And it was fun to have Ann long this time. It worked out nicely that her walking 1 lap around the loop was pretty well matched with my 4 laps skating.
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The short story - placed first in my category (F, 50-54 yo), 16th for gender, and 48th over-all out of 340 total skaters in the 1/2 marathon skate finishing in 54 min 51 sec. < phew >

The Long Story )
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'gotta get to the sports center shuttle buse stand between 4:30 and 5am this morning!?!?! Talk about hardcore. ~_^

Anyway...off to the races!
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Otherwise known as "spend $$$".

Registration was rather painless this morning. I had a bit of naivete about the Disney Sports Complex and discovered that there were at least another dozen or so events occurring all around the area, and so despite getting there early as far as the *skate* even went, the rather large parking lot was filling up quickly. But hey, that shouldn't be an issue. We're here for exercise! Right?

Well, ANYway, along with the registration and the skate course overview program several skate equipment and accessory vendors were at hand. Ann may not agree with that being a *good* thing since, upon stopping at what happened to be the first booth in the room, I ended up buying...sigh...these.


And they fit...ah...quite nicely, sadly better than any previous speed skate I had purchased to date. I've had trouble finding good skates that really fit *correctly* mostly due to the dearth of *real* (as opposed to the virtual) storefronts that stock high end skates. ~_~

There is some new term to describe the now almost archaic physical store, but the buffer was flushed a few weeks ago, so the recall bit is not set. I personally like physical store fronts, but I'll also admit that many things these days just can't be found any where but on the net. < deeper sigh >
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It's not for everyone )


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