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oops...what happened to yesterday's entry? ahwell...I have been remiss...let's try to catch up.

The day started off with quite a bit of brisk walking around the University of Washington campus trying to find the main book store. It took a while but we finally stumbled across the *correct* party of University Blvd. where not only the bookstore was but too many other tempting shops. One of them being a rather nice Japanese goods store where I bravely resisted buying a small travel Go set. ^_^ Shortly after that it was great to have Nancy join up with us for a tasty lunch at a small Japanese lunch spot just a small interval up the blvd.

Two hours of walking around the Capitol District only partially worked off lunch, since one stop involved coffee and sweets...sigh...

And also amazing along the line of attempting to keep from shopping-too-much was walking away from a really fun black lace and tailed goth coat at Panache. sigh...soooo close...and not for the lack of effort the salesperson put in trying to help make up my mind...he was fun.

ANYway, a quick trip down to the International District allowed me to get my Kinokuniya fix where I found Haruhi #5, a xxxHolic synopsis book and Tsubasa #20 (one of the many cross-overs between xxxHolic and Tsubasa).

Finally the day was finished off with a quite good jazz show by Tony DeSare at the Jazz Alley.

A nice time...
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Cliffs Notes version--'good flights...on time...nice weather...no lost luggage and ready to head out for a Halloween party downtown!! ^_^


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