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Hmm...wow did the anime and manga depart ways. I guess there was a radio series as well...and I did catch an episode or two over the internet...but without subtitles understanding was lacking for but *so* much of the story.

So...I don't know. Should the manga and anime track exactly or should they be allowed to...tell different stories??

I think the story line for the Kashimashi manga was more thought provoking...but...
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Cute manga...a 4-koma that reminded me of Azumanga Diaoh in some ways...
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I guess one thing I forgot to mention earlier from the Katsucon blogs was a comment from Hawk (that is probably now common knowledge in the blogosphere...I gotta get out more...) saying be on the look out for something 16 or so inches high. This coming at the end of *my* comments about how I liked seeing Eve develop the way she has in the strip.

'just sayin' ~_^
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Skip Beat has been occupying the recent spare CPU cycles these days. Books 1 through 3 were devoured rather quickly. It looks like the rest of the series is yet to be released. It's kind of a cute story and the art work isn't too bad. I guess pretty typical shojo manga...

Let's see...what were the other titles...ほしのこえ was more interesting in manga form for than the video for me. It seems like if the video were a *little* bit longer it could have indulged in a little bit more detail that the book got in to...ahwell...yet another teenage love story...sigh...

Third on the list is month Princess Ai. We'll see how far we get through Volume 3 this evening...schedule willing...


Jan. 13th, 2006 07:18 am
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There there Ping-chan...you are *not* a bad character!


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