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Our Maine Coon, Priscilla, just had her ultrasound this morning to look at a lump in her abdomen. It turned out to be an aggressive tumor that started in her intestines and had made it to her liver. So the vet. said she has maybe a few weeks left.

She'll let us know when it's time.

Life in

Feb. 28th, 2009 01:53 pm
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front of a CRT. Well...it *has* been quite a while since I've actually worked on a CRT...so life has been mostly in front of flat panels...for many days of the week...for many hours of the day...at work and at home...

Life away from the flat panel has been an ALmost finished single speed/fixie bike and a in-line skate race in 2 weeks that I have not had *any* time to train for...see above...oh and the weather. Bleh...

Katsu was fun...did I already say that?
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I have been out of my cast for one week now and am slooooowly regaining strength and motion in my left wrist and hand...it is still very sore and hurts when I push things, but it's getting better. yokatta! I have another two physical therapy sessions this week and (hopefully) my final checkup with my orthopaedic surgeon this Friday...then I can get back to skating!!! =^_^=

I bought a new helmet this past weekend and it was sooooooooo tempting to get out on the blades...but...I *guess* I'll wait a few more days.

At the moment I'm typing on the floor since I was supposed to have a nice new wood table delivered at my house for use as my new computer work area...but I didn't end up on the delivery manifest...World Market re-faxed the request to the delivery company and hopefully I'll get on the schedule soon. Otherwise my knees are going to give out fast sitting on the floor...sigh...

The weekend was quite nice as I and my partner got out to some Virginia wineries in the Shenandoah Valley and stocked up with some special wines for the coming holidays. Afterward we dropped in on a friend of my partner and enjoyed some nice conversation and dinner before heading back to DC.
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well my first pt session since getting my cast off last friday has come and gone so the wrist is feeling kinda sore at the moment...and that's even with some 'help' before the session started. so, i have several initial range-of-motion exercises to work on at minimum 3 times a day along with 2 more visits to the rehab center this week.

the therapist seemed pretty optimistic about things, but wasn't sure exactly how fast we'll be able to progress. she did say that i could get back skating when ever i wanted, just don't fall!! ^_^;

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on an intellectual level i would have guessed the dextrously-enabled among us have the upper hand...as to say, but until one has to actually has try to make do with only 1.2 hands i didn't imagine quite how much it was...

a few tasks have been not so hard to accomplish but there have been more and more those that having two good, usable hands are a pre-requisite. now i can't push requiring everything to accommodate those of us with less than 2 hands (albeit hopefully only temporarily) but i appreciate that status quite a bit more these days...

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well i'm finally back home and discovering how to operate with 1.2 hands...hmm, 'guess occasionally 1.5 hands depending on the task at hand...as to say. definitely partially losing ones "mobility" is educational and i appreciate more every day what i had before and hopefully should regain later this fall after the splint and ensuring rehab...

meanwhile the wardrobe is considerably reduced as is my usual exercise routine...likely a small price to pay...

i managed a half day at work today before wearing out...lets see how the rest of the week goes...
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I guess I've been home about a week now, so the excuses for not getting on are diminishing rapidly.

The short list of reading material includes Practices of an Agile Developer...er, well...thats it for now...excluding the 8 volumes of xxxHolic and beginnings of Tsubasa that I hauled back from Japan. ^_^

Along the skating front I finally got by the 10 mile mark during this mornings workout at roughly 5 minutes per mile. An initial goal is to skate a half-marathon under an hour...which shouldn't be too far off. Then work up from there...the afternoon thunderstorms during this time of year put a crimp in the workout though...

And I just got back from Superman Returns. There are enough reviews out there on it so i won't comment much but it was fun seeing all the tributes and references to the previous Superman movies...and I suspect there was even more that I missed along those lines. For those that haven't yet made it to the theatres I won't mention any spoilers but many parts of the movie were rather predictable... though I suspect if Lois...no...'said I wasn't going to go there...
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My new pocket companion for some upcoming trips...in black of course! ^_^
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Hmm...close to 60F, high thin whispy clouds, dry roads, not much of a breeze...hmm...'wonder if that's skatin' weather...
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I had to go back and re-discover some definitions-- mode versus median (sigh) and the difference between an integer and a whole number (bigger deeper sigh)(I really should have got that one.) It's just been waaaayyyy too long. >_<;

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
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Blade Runner: The Director's Cut

I saw of the original release of this film way too many years ago. I finally saw the Director's Cut DVD tonight. I'm not sure if it's good or bad to say the impact this film made on me has been deep and lasting. It certainly was a dark film, but there were too many aspects that resonated too closely for reasons I'm not sure of even today. Of the curious, I'm not sure I realized it at the time that all of the language in the background was Japanese; some of which I understood *this* time around...hmm... ^_^

I think Priss' and Batty's death scenes were parts most remembered from almost 2 decades ago...and two lines from the film that I wonder, would they not apply to any place...any person?

"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."

"It's too bad she won't live. But then again who does?"


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