Jan. 25th, 2009 07:42 pm
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Did: Removed all plastic sheeting from under house (crawl space clearance varying from 1 inch to almost 1-1/2 feet)
Replaced is same space 500 sq.ft. 6 mil plastic as new vapor barrier
Repaired 1x12 inch hole found in main heating/ac duct under house
Reconnected clothes dryer ducting under house
Replaced 2 smoke/CO2 detectors
De-laced a Shimano 7 speed freehub from Mavic rear wheel

To Do: Groceries, cleaning, house work, laundry, work-work

Way: Exhaustion


Jun. 8th, 2008 06:30 pm
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Well...I *think* I finally have the dining room finished! All the crown molding, chair rail, floor and shoe molding is tapped back in, patched and re-painted. Now let's get the floor cleaned up, paint tarps put away, and new dining room set put in place! Finally! Phew...

re models

Dec. 15th, 2007 01:55 pm
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I'm amazed...the guest bathroom is actually finished! I wasn't sure it was going to happen. It all started with curling wallpaper. One edge led to another and before I knew it...there was just paste/backing left on the walls!

Well...*that* was a sorry state of affairs! So...out came the sponge and slooooowly it all peeled away. Ara! There were holes in the walls **hidden** by the wall paper?? Gee...well...'gotta repair *that* as well! that you mention it the ceiling kind of needs some "touch up" and the walls sure could use SOMEthing else on them *now*! Oh...and look at the state of the caulk! Dismal!

Curtain rod down, wall plates off, vent fan, shower many details...but it's all back together again.

New coats of paint... not-so-nice caulking job around the tiles (sigh) ...wipe the mirror clean...sweep up the dust.

Umm...not that I *really* needed a "new appearing" guest bathroom per say...but it looks nice...
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Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted...but this past week had me back up in DC *mid-week* instead of on the weekend! And why is that you might ask? Well...some of you might *not* ask, but I'll talk about it *any*way!

Ann and I took our anniversary trip to see Al Stewart up close in a rather small venue called Rams Head right there in Annapolis, MD. We stayed at a B&B within walking distance of many restaurants and the venue itself; so once we escaped from DC and arrived in town the car got parked and we relaxed the rest of the evening just walking from shop to shop taking in the local sights experiencing the occasional sea breeze from the water.

It was rather nice.

But...then the real world strikes back and the day after I have to drive back down home for a session with my physical therapist for some back issues that have bothered me for quite a few weeks now. I'll spare the audience the details...

The training continues for the St.Paul marathon in August as I gradually work up to a 26 mile skate. I'm not close to that distance yet, but I guess I have a few more weeks to go.

So now let's see if I can work down the backlog of e-mails and a sundry tasks around the house.
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inside something old )

9 hours

Jan. 15th, 2006 05:31 am
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That was all. Just 9 hours without power due to the storm front that moved through the area yesterday afternoon. That's pretty trifling compared to the week without power due to Hurricane Isabel here a few years ago and definitely insignificant compared to the Gulf Coast communities that either haven't even had a chance to move back or don't even have anything to move *back* to! So, overall, even though it's a pain with no oven for cooking dinner, no heat so it's getting a little cool, the computer is off, no TV to watch the latest DVD release--the house is still here, the roof is still on and more likely than not the power will be back on in the morning. So I'll still check the 'grateful' box for the day.
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To do list:
-clean guest bathroom
-clean guest bedroom
-clean hallway between guest bedroom and guest bathroom
-clean FROG in which resident resides most of the time so the guest does not run screaming from house (though it may be too late for that, it may be past the point of no return). ~_~
-afternoon sk8 < yay! >


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