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The short story - placed first in my category (F, 50-54 yo), 16th for gender, and 48th over-all out of 340 total skaters in the 1/2 marathon skate finishing in 54 min 51 sec. < phew >

The Long Story )
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'gotta get to the sports center shuttle buse stand between 4:30 and 5am this morning!?!?! Talk about hardcore. ~_^

Anyway...off to the races!
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Otherwise known as "spend $$$".

Registration was rather painless this morning. I had a bit of naivete about the Disney Sports Complex and discovered that there were at least another dozen or so events occurring all around the area, and so despite getting there early as far as the *skate* even went, the rather large parking lot was filling up quickly. But hey, that shouldn't be an issue. We're here for exercise! Right?

Well, ANYway, along with the registration and the skate course overview program several skate equipment and accessory vendors were at hand. Ann may not agree with that being a *good* thing since, upon stopping at what happened to be the first booth in the room, I ended up buying...sigh...these.


And they fit...ah...quite nicely, sadly better than any previous speed skate I had purchased to date. I've had trouble finding good skates that really fit *correctly* mostly due to the dearth of *real* (as opposed to the virtual) storefronts that stock high end skates. ~_~

There is some new term to describe the now almost archaic physical store, but the buffer was flushed a few weeks ago, so the recall bit is not set. I personally like physical store fronts, but I'll also admit that many things these days just can't be found any where but on the net. < deeper sigh >
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It's not for everyone )
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*blogs* not Bloom! ANYway, the bags are packed. The trip begins to Disney to participate in my first in-line skate marathon. Well...1/2 marathon actually for me. I got lazy. ~_~;;

So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the train ride down. Eh? I didn't mention I decided to take the train down? Yeah, it just seems much more...civilized these days. And besides, the lazy thing here again, I was reluctant to check the skates as baggage. Particularly since I wasn't sure if I was going to use the faster, but less agile 4 x 100mm skates or the *slightly* slower, but much more adroit 4 x 80mm rec. skates. At least that's how the work for me mostly due to *my* lack of abilities. < deep sigh >



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