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I've had two chances now to try a new training aid, a Garmin Forerunner 205, while skating.

It was interesting to discover, from seeing the GPS tracking information in the watch, that my usual 4 laps around the Haines Point Loop was only 12.6 miles, not 13.1. sigh... and that for yesterday's skate, the wind that morning slowed me down more than a bit on part of the loop. The distance/time and pace traces from the accompanying training program (available both for the PC and Mac < yay > ) will let me know how I might need to modify my workouts as well.

Today's skate was much more even paced as I did not have to fight the usual stiff breeze from the west! And it was fun to have Ann long this time. It worked out nicely that her walking 1 lap around the loop was pretty well matched with my 4 laps skating.
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I know, I know. The usual reply to my training skates when its windy out is along the lines "That's good training isn't it?" Well...yeah...I guess.

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Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted...but this past week had me back up in DC *mid-week* instead of on the weekend! And why is that you might ask? Well...some of you might *not* ask, but I'll talk about it *any*way!

Ann and I took our anniversary trip to see Al Stewart up close in a rather small venue called Rams Head right there in Annapolis, MD. We stayed at a B&B within walking distance of many restaurants and the venue itself; so once we escaped from DC and arrived in town the car got parked and we relaxed the rest of the evening just walking from shop to shop taking in the local sights experiencing the occasional sea breeze from the water.

It was rather nice.

But...then the real world strikes back and the day after I have to drive back down home for a session with my physical therapist for some back issues that have bothered me for quite a few weeks now. I'll spare the audience the details...

The training continues for the St.Paul marathon in August as I gradually work up to a 26 mile skate. I'm not close to that distance yet, but I guess I have a few more weeks to go.

So now let's see if I can work down the backlog of e-mails and a sundry tasks around the house.


Mar. 6th, 2006 05:39 pm
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Well maybe only a *very* short one. 'Just a days worth of Brownian motion twixt spots scattered 'round DC. Actually it was quite enjoyable to just kind of take a day off and not do anything in particular but do a few things here and there.

Morning coffee (rather good coffee at that) was at a Cosi in Alexandria (I don't have any of those shops down in southern VA), then up to Dupont Circle for some shopping, lunch in Woodley Park, a viewing of Transamerica in a fun old theatre at 11th and E NW, finishing with dinner at a friends place in Old Town. All in all quite relaxing. These kinds of days happen only every once in a while during my jaunts to DC so it could qualify as a special weekend.

Now back to work...sigh...


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