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A day or two late...but it took quite a few days just to recover between little sleep, metal splinters in the hands, sore feet and just general exhaustion experienced working the con. phew...

But...it was a rather interesting change in pace to stage manage the main events hall for those 3 days. I got to meet Kristine Sa, the members of Back-On and their translator Mari who is based out of NYC. They somehow tolerated my abysmal Japanese as I worked on setting up the stage for their show. ^_^

I admit to not always remembering bands and what they place, but I made at least one connection when I heard the theme to Air Gear. Ah...so that's who does that opening theme! And just to add to the whole theme of things, they had a cosplayer as Simca of the Swallow dancing with the band.

Anyway, there were lots of temptations back in the vendors area but I managed to walk away empty handed...I had spent enough already. I did reconnect with a few other artists I had seen at Katsucon earlier this year--one person of which runs the Artist Alley at Sakuracon. It's amazing she makes the trek all the way from the left coast just for these cons.

I only found Hawk and Ananth that one time on the first day...ahwell...there's always next time.
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Another Cliff's Notes Entry - Started 10PM Thursday night setting up Main Events, crashed 5AM, back up 9AM, more setup in Main Events, finished just in time for 2:30PM opening ceremony, chance to tour Artist Alley (picked up autographed poster from Hawk and Ananth), got lost wandering around the vendors area, quick dinner, then back stage for Christine Sa concert, finally crashing 10PM Friday.


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