Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:44 am
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Well...maybe not computers...maybe the person trying to write the programs.

Just as a mental exercise, I tried to re-create this computation method a former boss of mine published back in the 1965, where he outlined a "simple" method for calculating characteristic lines in supersonic flow. Let's that time it could have been punch cards, but FORTRAN had been hobbled together just a few years before, there was no network, and the IBM/360 was barely getting going.

More likely it was done on a desktop calculator--and desktop was the description of the size, not the location. an intellectual exercise, I decide to try to duplicate the results. Mac G4 laptop, 1Gb memory, G95 at the ready...more power than a million of those paltry calculators...piece-o-cake.

The publication had a rough outline of the solution methodology along with some equations that I pulled together in a few hours. A couple of function calls and a 4x4 matrix solve subroutine later and I'm iterating away. Err...well...kind of...that is if one can call 1 iteration iterating.

Three days later I still couldn't get the program to produce ANYthing close to what he had published over 40 years ago. Something was going wrong on the first pass through the solution space. NaN's have a way of making life...problematic in the computational world.

Maybe it really is rocket science...oh no...I've flunked... ~_~;;
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Well, the desktop is back up and running for the moment. The new system disk is courtesy of Seagate--a 500Gb SATA Barracuda that is currently sitting in the top slot. Installation was a piece-of-cake but getting the previous backup on to it took a few iterations.

One only sort-of mystery though. At first I thought of just snagging a Western Digital drive off the shelves at a local Circuit City, no more CompUSA :( , but the website seemed pretty explicit that these drives were PC only and that Mac OS X didn't have the drivers. Really?

As far as *internal* drives go, WDs were the *only* ones Circuit City had on the shelves here. OK...I'll *try* "Best Buy." sigh... it turns out, the drive that had been my system disk since I bought the machine *was* a Western Digital ANYway! Eh? Whatever...I guess it's a bookend now.
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I'm still in recovery mode from losing my system/user disk last week. I tried to copy what I could off of the failed disk, reformatted, and laid down a new 10.5 system. OK...that's running and seemingly stable...

Now let's link up my new user disk...
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It seems a power fluctuation took out my system/user disk on Ueno, my desktop. It remains un-bootable and even after bringing things up on from an alternate disk, un-mountable. Ahwell...I guess we'll figure something out.


Jan. 14th, 2008 07:12 pm
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So far--not so bad...with CompUSA going out of business I picked up a 750Gb drive somewhat cheap and made that my Time Machine drive and with some minor tweaks to mail that I liked and Safari being a bit peppier than before, all in all a reasonable upgrade. I suppose there will be some gotchas somewhere there in the mix...sigh.

Now lets see if the rumored "ultra-thin" laptop gets announced tomorrow!
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Alright...stay with me here...we have a new "system" out at work whose intent was to "unify" the mail/browser/document/spreadsheet/presentation/calendar software of EVERYone in the agency! "People" were getting "tired" of incompatible attachments and the such...I guess...

The "system"'s name is NOMAD. I won't even try to tell you what the acronym really stands for. Basically if you have a Windoz PC you *will* use Outlook/Explorer/Microsoft Powerpoint/Excel. You will not use Eudora, Firefox, Thunderbird or any other "non-approved" software.

Well...except if you have a Linux box. Then you use Firefox and Thunderbird. If you have a Mac? Ah...don't ask.

Now where was I? Oh yeah...NOMAD also switched everyone over to IMAP rather than POP for mail. Yeah yeah...big whiff...whatever. One gotcha though is the "spam" filter that got slapped on there.

I'm on a distribution list for computer security bulletins. NOMAD decided one of the these bulletins was it got flagged as such. Mac Mail then saw NOMAD's message to me about the computer security bulletin being spam and thought it was Junk.

Oh...the irony...
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Well, I've managed to get the first DVD of Kareshikanojyo no jijyo (KareKano to the otaku out there) downloaded on to Minawa. I guess I'll discover here soon if the subtitles actually *can* be read or not! ^O^; Next project--slipping the new 300Gb drive in to the second bay of Ueno along with packing for the upcoming trip to Arizona. So little to do, so much that.


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