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It's been a fun weekend in Boston. It was cool and snowing leaving the Harvard Square T stop with the streets full of people and noise. Unfortunately Anne has been battling a cold for a few days now and really couldn't get out but so much to enjoy holiday...cheer.

Friday night we got out to an Ethiopian place on Mass. Ave where the food was quite tasty. It had been a long time since I had eaten *that* way!

Saturday I got out to meet some friends of mine there, Cameron and Kateari, for a brunch at B.goods in Cambridge. I tried the southwestern veggie burger! phew...something was a little on the spicy side on that one.

Anne rousts later on enough for us to get out for dinner at a local Vietnamese place. I feel guilty about dragging her out at all when she needs to be finishing her recovery!!

The evening is finished of with a rather intense 2 1/2 hour game of Go. We get out the big board a little after 8pm and it's almost 11 by the time we look back up!

This is the board near the end. I played black and seemed to have the southeast and eastern territories fairly set but right after this I made 2 big mistakes...so even though there appears to be some major territory up for grabs I wasn't going to be able to recover...so I ended up resigning. siiigh...


Oct. 8th, 2005 09:00 pm
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(Yet Another Trip Blog)

The train ride up to Boston yesterday was fairly uneventful (fortunately), though NY Penn Station that we passed through in the afternoon had *not* been without a bit of excitement earlier that morning. I got SOME reading done, but after a while it was easy to just doze watching the country side and occasional cityscapes whiz on by.

A short list of items gathered on this afternoon's foraging about various shops.

1. Ghost in the Shell
2. Cowboy Bebop The Movie
3. The Secret of Twilight Gemini

Well, actually that isn't a complete list by any stretch, maybe just some particulars that anyone reading this might be familiar with. I escaped unscathed from the Apple Store in Lechemere (wow that place was jam packed) without any damage to the wallet as well...*this* time. Also, left empty handed from Old Navy, The Gap and other sundry typical mall shops. I'll be spending enough later on this month. ~_^

It started out a rather warm day with occasionally drizzles but ended with cold, drenching rain that neither of us were prepared for after dinner. I guess not living up here one forgets how fast things can change. So, Anne and I got soaked on the way back from dinner and hopefully we'll manage to dry off and warm up some before heading out to a club later tonight.


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