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Similar to the Left Coast I suppose, parts of the East Coast have been hit with winter storms. We had reservations in central PA last night and with the weather forecast being "just" snow until 4pm changing to "wintery mix" later on, we thought we had a chance if we left "early enough."

Well...I'm not sure what "early enough" really would have been, but I'm *still* not sure how we *did* make it through the mountain passes driving in freezing rain, mostly slushy roads, here plowed, there un-plowed, as well as the dodging jack-knifed tractor-trailers on highway ramps. We did find one truck driver who seemed to have a very nice feel for the where-to-drive-when-and-how-fast for the conditions, so we followed this WalMart trailer for about 3 hours.

Three or four times I was certain our trip was going to finish prematurely--but we got the hotel mid-afternoon and watched more of the storm go by from the restaurant window in to the evening.

Six more hours (on a good day) of driving left. I hope the roads have cleared off!

Ann says: Yeah, it was pretty bad, even though it only added an extra hour onto the trip. Somehow today, when the roads were good, we added an extra 1.5 hours onto the trip though. Oh yeah, it was having to stop every 5 miles to clean the windshield!!! That will do it to yah. I guess we're both not hot on winter driving right at the moment. However, the house, christmas decorations, chocolate with brandy, good food and family -- they're almost convincing us it was worth it. Give us a couple of days...
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The trip down to Atlanta, Tallahassee and back to Virginia was un-eventful nicely enough...as far as the driving was concerned. I guess about 1000 miles down, 800 miles back over the last few days, so yesterday was tiring!

But having a chance to visit with my home-stay family from my last trip to Japan as they visited family here in the States was a unique event and quite enjoyable.

So...on to northern climates for the holidays...err...except for the snow and ice predicted to be right where we are planning to stay Friday. sigh...
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Hmm...wow did the anime and manga depart ways. I guess there was a radio series as well...and I did catch an episode or two over the internet...but without subtitles understanding was lacking for but *so* much of the story.

So...I don't know. Should the manga and anime track exactly or should they be allowed to...tell different stories??

I think the story line for the Kashimashi manga was more thought provoking...but...


Dec. 4th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Work on the '70's department store bike progresses well. The bearings and races in the fork have been replaced as have the bearings in the bottom bracket. Next will be deciding on the restoration of the brakes and fenders where the decision is exactly what to fix and what the replace. The rust and pitting is very heavy on all the iron/chrome parts so path 1 would be complete replacement with new parts ( conditional on finding something that actually fits ) or path 2 taking out as much rust as is reasonable and coating with a rust sealer.

Though to the chemists out there, it really isn't a sealant as much as a bonding agent with the iron oxide. The package says it will turn the coated part black. Since the parts I am considering coating were previously *chrome* plated, that's a bit of a color shift.

Along a tangential line of thought, I'm slowly getting through Kashimashi...anime DVD 2 currently. It's certainly fanciful and tries to deal with some curious trans-like social interactions, but I still can't say it rises to the level of story of say...KareKano or Haruhi.

So...got any old bikes out there that need work??? ^_^
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for a few minutes at least...

The project du-jour is re-restoring my partner's bicycle from her high school days. It's a 1970's vintage department store bike, steel frame, 3-speed rear hub, leather seat, comfort bars, fenders, racks...a fun bike actually.

So...it's down to frame at the moment. The bottom bracket was a mess and the bearings a bit gunked up. Next is to rebuild the rear hub and re-grease the front fork. All in all a nice distraction from work.

At the moment though, I'm under the kotatsu (nice and toasty when the house is cold) searching the web for repair material.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:44 am
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Well...maybe not computers...maybe the person trying to write the programs.

Just as a mental exercise, I tried to re-create this computation method a former boss of mine published back in the 1965, where he outlined a "simple" method for calculating characteristic lines in supersonic flow. Let's see...at that time it could have been punch cards, but FORTRAN had been hobbled together just a few years before, there was no network, and the IBM/360 was barely getting going.

More likely it was done on a desktop calculator--and desktop was the description of the size, not the location.

Ok...so...as an intellectual exercise, I decide to try to duplicate the results. Mac G4 laptop, 1Gb memory, G95 at the ready...more power than a million of those paltry calculators...piece-o-cake.

The publication had a rough outline of the solution methodology along with some equations that I pulled together in a few hours. A couple of function calls and a 4x4 matrix solve subroutine later and I'm iterating away. Err...well...kind of...that is if one can call 1 iteration iterating.

Three days later I still couldn't get the program to produce ANYthing close to what he had published over 40 years ago. Something was going wrong on the first pass through the solution space. NaN's have a way of making life...problematic in the computational world.

Maybe it really is rocket science...oh no...I've flunked... ~_~;;

AUSA recap

Oct. 20th, 2008 06:05 pm
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Well...just a mini-quickie-recap.

Setup and teardown went amazingly well. What got a little rocky was the in-between. PeeLander Z was actually quite fun to help set up and tear down...Versailles was a totally different matter. We won't go in to details here, but I actually left after the expected 2 hour sound check was going on hour 4 with no end in sight...you can google the web for other details.

I got to say "hi" at AppleGeeks...and stopped by a favorite artist in the Alley to chat. There were a good number of vendors in place this time, but I had to apply *some* constraint walking through those bountiful aisles!

I did have the most fantastic gopher this time as well. Sonya! She's cool...and I'd like her to come back next year!


Oct. 8th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Anime USA is this weekend!! I'm on staff again working at Main Events. Let's see how *this* year goes.

Along OTHER lines, I was looking at air fares for Japan this winter. $3200??? For coach no less?!?! wow...

what a

Oct. 5th, 2008 07:07 pm
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beautiful day!!! 75F...cool breeze off the ocean...blue sky...puffy Qs...UNbelievable...for a 3 hour ride.

So the verdict is the first rebuild gets 4 paws up! New rims, new cassette (after the 3rd trip to the bike shop to get the 2mm spacer missing from the wheelset), new brake cable...err...well...the rear brake does need some adjustment. There's just a LITTle too much range in the pull...it needs to get tightened up a...smidge.
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Let's see how this week's grand experiment works...the old Trek frame has been torn down completely and I'm waiting for a new crankset to show up...from Portland no less...and it had better fit the current bottom bracket! Also, the Fuji frame has new rims (Mavics) and a new cassette (SRAM 9 speed)...along with new brake cables.

I wonder if I actually got everything put back together again...without any "spare parts" left on the floor afterwards! I guess as long as it's rocket science I might have a chance.
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lap 8 9:38 2:12pm
lap 11 9:31 2:45pm
lap 26 10:02 5:15pm
lap 29 10:05 5:48pm
lap 44 9:50 8:23pm
lap 47 10:10 8:56pm
lap 62 9:35 11:29pm
lap 65 9:22 12:01am
lap 80 9:59 2:31am
lap 83 9:59 3:04am
lap 98 9:58 5:39am
lap 101 9:58 6:12am
lap 116 10:03 8:46am
lap 119 10:08 9:17am
lap 134 10:11 11:49am
lap 137 10:06 12:20pm

hmm....interestingly consistent for 16 laps, though it was getting tough there at the end of the race...and my best time ( 9 min 22 seconds ) was at midnight!!! strange...
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I'm tired...
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to start loading up the car to get to the race--while Hanna pummels the house back home. sigh... ~_~;;
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...until Montreal!
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Let's see if headin' back is any better than the trip gettin' out here. MN that is. HOPefully I'll get to talk about the race more in a little bit.
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And dark it was...but what a performance...wow...
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Friday was too hot...so I think the 20 mile skate over-extended the personal OS...'still in recovery mode... ~_~


Jul. 17th, 2008 09:15 pm
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Interesting...I got out for my first open water distance swim today. I don't think I've seen water like that in...oh...20? 30 years? In the past, swimming laps happened in a pool.

And I didn't make it all that far...somewhere between 500 and 700 meters I think--so I expect I'm really going to feel it in the arms this weekend!

The dives in the Atlantic off the North Carolina coast to the USS Benson and U-85 (again back in the 80's) were certainly in open water, but I think it's a little different when one has a weight belt and tanks.

Anyway, I got to meet a few more members of the local tri club so that was good. And the water was *warm*--no wetsuit needed for *this* practice. I look forward to getting out there again soon.
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Actually wasn't all that much this time around, but it was interesting to get back to campus and see the changes. One big change was the "new" dorms when I was there need some serious rehab work now. I guess that could be expected.

Oh...and I ran my first 5k there. The two big things are that I managed to finish at all...and I did managed to *just* get in under 30 minutes...not by much, but that was the time I was aiming for.

phew...now 3 weeks left until the marathon race (in-line skate) at St.Paul!
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Cute manga...a 4-koma that reminded me of Azumanga Diaoh in some ways...


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